Site supervision

Safety with security.

In view of the increasing safety risks for construction sites, professional construction site monitoring now also makes sense for private construction projects. We explain how construction site monitoring works, what tasks it actually fulfils, what control you have as a building owner and what you should generally pay attention to.

Why is professional construction site monitoring important?

Construction sites today are exposed to many more dangers than in the past: theft, vandalism and arson are among the biggest threats. To protect against this and avoid expensive construction delays, professional construction site monitoring is very important. It takes over all tasks of construction site security – from theft protection to fire protection.

What are the tasks of construction site security?

The tasks of the construction site security service include patrols with patrol vehicles, patrols on foot and with guard dogs, setting up camera towers for video surveillance of the construction site and fire watches. Other tasks of the construction site security service include checking people on the site.

with security.